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Why Third Front could not take a decison on the PM candidate

07, Feb 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

Third Front has not been able to take a decision on the PM candidate, because they could not agree on a way to decide the candidate. Different parties suggested different ways to select the PM candidate.

A group of highly ambitious leaders
A group of highly ambitious leaders

Samajwadi Party leaders suggested to take the decision by a knock-out wrestling tournament. SP leader Raja Jail Singh reasoned, “we need a strong leader, Congress provided weak leadership for 10 years, we need a strong leader now.”

Leaders of BSP condemned this demand of SP as anti-poor and pro upper-caste, they suggested an idol making contest instead. BSP leader Murti Pandey said that idolatry is our culture, and making idols provides employment to millions. “Congress government has increased the unemployment, ours is a party that knows how to provide employment through various activities like statue/idol making. It is better than MGNREGA at least,” he argued.

RJD has already announced its alliance with Congress, but its leaders were also present in the meeting. RJD leaders hinted that if decision of the PM candidate is taken through cattle-rearing contest (the best buffalo were the exact words), they will reconsider their alliance with Congress. RJD leader Chara Yadav added that, “PM should be someone attached to grassroots, and what better way to decide that than a cattle-rearing contest.”

AIADMK suggested that the decision should be taken through a beauty and fashion contest. “This is an era where presentation is everything. Being presentable is a primary criteria while deciding CEOs of the companies, and here we are talking about the person who will lead the country!,” shouted AIADMK leader  Pichhlaggu Pillai.

Left leaders remained silent mostly, they are still analyzing writings of different communist leaders to figure out if they should make any of its leaders PM or not, in democratic circumstances. It is to be noted that they started this analysis in late 1990s when Left parties were offered PM post, but they declined. They are still inconclusive because they are looking for many missing writings of Mao and Stalin, these writings went missing because China and Russia stopped caring about these leaders and their writings long back.

JD(S) leaders were suggesting a rotation policy, they suggested to equally distribute the number of months between the number of parties in the coalition; but they wanted their candidate to be the first PM, because they felt he has the experience of becoming PM. BSP leaders also later supported this way, but they also wanted their leader to become the first PM. No other party agreed to this, which is understandable, looking at the history of these two parties in state government formations.

JD (U) and BJD leaders kept sulking and making faces all the time, and they neither suggested anything nor did they agree to the suggestion given by any other party.

Various parties kept walking out and in many times during the meeting, finally only decision that could be taken was – “to condemn communal forces”. They postponed the decision for the PM candidate till next meeting.