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Will act against Pak when it gets worse than NDA days: Gov

07, Aug 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi. Congress led UPA government has promised the nation that they will take strict action against Pakistan’s excursions across LoC the day the number of excursions under UPA rule exceeds the number of excursions during the BJP led NDA rule.

This promise was made by the government after demand from all quarters to take action against Pakistan following the killing of 5 Indian soldiers at the Line of Control in Poonch yesterday.

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister is busy thinking of a proper response and Sonia Gandhi is upset over the whole issue, sources confirm.

“Just do something!” demanded Amit, an anguish citizen who failed to find consolation in Arnab Goswami led attack on Pakistan last night in Times Now studios.

Yaar, at least he says something, and he says it loudly. Look at our Prime minister,” Amit explained.

Following such demands, the government announced its intentions to act, but with some strings attached.

“BJP is needlessly politicizing this attack. They seem to have forgotten that maximum attacks on our soldiers had happened during the BJP’s rule, when they didn’t act tough against Pakistan then how can we? After all UPA government only follows NDA’s policies,” Congress leader Rajeev Shukla said.

“However, we do assure you all that if the number of attacks during UPA’s rule exceeds the number of attacks during NDA’s rule, we will act immediately and decisively,” Shukla announced.

Faking News didn’t fact-check if the claims by Mr. Shukla were verifiable, because media is not supposed to do the same except in the case of one particular politician.

Furthermore, Shukla rued that there was no upcoming cricket series against Pakistan to cancel and the ban on Pakistani cricketers in IPL was already underway.

“Frankly there is nothing much we can do. But we will do. Let things get worse,” he added.

When Faking News wondered why should the common man wait for things to get worse, Shukla said that we were underestimating the tolerance level of the aam aadmi.