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Will demonetise 100 Rupee note if someone asked me about gains from demonetisation again: Narendra Modi

03, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Fed up of the queries on demonetisation, PM Narendra Modi has warned today that if anyone asks me about the gains from demonetisation again, he will demonetise the 100 Rupee note. Earlier, old 500 and 1000 Rupee notes were demonetised on 8th of November in a step that shook the nation.

“Ab ke koi bola to 100 ki baari”

Over the past 3 months, several gains from demonetisation have been mentioned. From fighting corruption to removing black money, fighting terrorism, human trafficking, drugs trade, cashless economy to cheap real estate, everything has been credited to demonetisation. However, none of them have been quantified and that has led people to repeatedly ask about the gains from demonetisation. PM Modi finally had enough of this question when even a party MP asked him about it.

“How many times can you avoid the same question yaar? How much money returned after demonetisation, how much money returned after demonetisation, same question everywhere. When even RBI doesn’t know for sure yet then how will Modi ji know? People should get the hint and move on to other issues”, a senior official at PMO said.

Further, he said ,”After trying to avoid the topic for a while, Modi Ji got angry and gave a clear warning that 100 Rupee note could be next if people kept asking him about demonetisation. 500 was demonetised recently and 2000 is a new denomination so Modi ji doesn’t want to target them but 100 can be in trouble.”

After hearing about this comment, RBI governor left all his work and immediately headed to 7 RCR to talk Modi ji out of any further demonetisation.