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We will end ISIS by making Baghdadi a Constable in Delhi Police: Rahul Gandhi

24, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Much to the relief of the entire world, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has promised he will end dreaded terrorist organisation ISIS once Congress comes to power in India in 2019. During a function in Germany, Mr Gandhi said that they will recruit ISIS head Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi as a Constable in Delhi Police, providing him a stable job and thus ending ISIS.

Rahul-Gandhi-1-620x400Earlier during his Euro Trip, Mr Gandhi had highlighted how lack of jobs led to the creation of ISIS, an organization that went on to unleash widespread terror around the world, and in Iraq and Syria in particular.

Speaking to a group of students, Mr Gandhi said, “We thought about various jobs for Baghdadi and concluded that a Police Constable will be the best post for him, a boring desk job may not be suitable for an all action Baghdadi. As a Police Constable in India, he can freely indulge in violence without any repercussions, of course he will have to stop killing people but that tendency will anyway get removed from his system once he gets a stable government job.”

“Our opponents in India can’t even provide jobs to Indian youth so there is no way they will be able to accommodate Baghdadi and his men in government jobs. They hate migrant workers as well so that is another problem in the current scenario. However, once we gain power in 2019, our first move will be to end global terrorism by advertising posts in Delhi Police for these people,” the Congress President added.

Congress is now expecting support from the entire world during next year’s general elections in India as they have promised to deliver a world free of terrorism.

Meanwhile, a confused and dazed Baghdadi was spotted in Syria asking his followers if all they needed was a 9 To 5 job.