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Will raise the height of Shivaji statue by 50 Metres: Devendra Fadnavis on Maratha reservation

30, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Every year there is a protest from one community in India for reservation. Whether it is Jats or Patels or Marathas, reservation protests are more punctual than Monsoon in the country and this year, it is the turn of the Marathas. Maratha reservation protests have gained pace in the last few days and now Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis has come up with a solution to end these protests.


Maharashtra Government has decided that they will increase the height of the proposed Shivaji statue in the Arabian Sea by 50 Metres to appease the angry protesters. The government is certain that this step will make everyone happy and will lead to an end to the protests.

Speaking to Faking News, an official working in the CMO said, “Statues are a solution to every problem, we have long established that. Now this proposed Shivaji statue will end the problem of reservations as well. We have already offered to increase the height of the statue by a further 50 Meters and if required, we can push it even higher. Height is not a problem but these protests and their problems should be resolved.”

When asked how will increasing the statue’s height resolve the problem of reservation, he said, “  The details are very technical and we don’t think you will understand. You just have to trust what we are doing and believe that all problems will be resolved once we increase the height of the statue.”

When asked if the problems of potholes on Mumbai roads can also be solved by increasing the height of the statue, he said, “Well, for that, we will need a statue taller than the Mount Everest.”