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Will reveal the exact benefits from demonetisation only if you re-elect me in 2019: Narendra Modi

11, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Ever since the 50 days that PM Modi had asked for post demonetisation got over, people are waiting with bated breath to find out the amount of black money that has been removed from the system with this step. However, these people should start breathing as it will be some time before we find out the exact benefit of demonetisation. PM Narendra Modi has announced that he will announce these benefits only if he gets re-elected in 2019.

Have patience, will announce benefits in 2019

On 8th of November 2016, Modi ji removed old 500 Rs and 1000 Rs notes from circulation in a move that has hurt everything from black money to terrorism to naxalism to Kashmir separatists to Arsenal’s title chances. People stood in queues for 2 months to first deposit their money and then to withdraw their money. Remarkable patience was exhibited by the public as they were certain that this step is great for the country in the long run. How effective this step has been, it won’t be clear now for at least 30 more months.

“People have a right to know how much black money has returned to the system, of course they do. However, it is too soon for RBI to give out such a figure. Right now, they are just figuring out how much money is remaining in circulation. Give them some time to figure out everything, by that time 2019 elections will also come around. You can vote for Modi ji again and he will definitely list out all the benefits from demonetisation after the win”, a senior official at PMO said.

Furthermore, the official added ,”Right now the important thing is not to worry about benefits of demonetisation but to move towards cashless economy. Let us focus on that and we will return to demonetisation in 2019.”

Meanwhile, bank accounts of politicians who didn’t make a single deposit above 10 Lakhs during demonetisation period have been locked for suspicious activity.