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With frequent foreign trips, Narendra Modi declared India's first "Onsite PM"

14, Nov 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With quite a few foreign tours since taking over, Narendra Modi has been conferred the title of being India’s first onsite PM by his fans, who claim that this makes Modi “the first PM” in another category after “born after Independence”.

Fans claim that the number of foreign trips Modi has made so far is now second only to ex-President Pratibha Patil and way more than number of trips an average IT professional makes in his entire career, thus Modi deserves this title.

Modi arriving at yet another foreign location in style.
Modi arriving at yet another foreign location in style.

“The amount of onsite trips Modi has made in such a short span of time, he has become envy of every software engineer who doesn’t get onsite opportunities even after 2-3 years in the job,” claimed a Modi fan, who is also a software engineer and wonders if Modi has been trolling his fans after taking over.

“First he invited Nawaz Sharif and then met media persons we don’t like. And now he’s making us jealous!” he added.

If sources are to be believed, many engineers are thinking of resigning from their jobs and joining PMO in some capacity or other. They feel that way they will at least have some chance of making an onsite trip in their life.

Fans further argue that just like an Onsite Engineer works for his company by remaining abroad, Modi ji is working for betterment of India and its people from abroad.

“We have had PMs who have not done anything despite being in India and now we have a PM who is doing his job earnestly even after being out of India,” a fan pointed to number of initiatives Modi has announced being abroad.

“And he is a true blue onsite guy, which is proven by the fact that he is not just flaunting his visit to US, Japan etc but is also not averse to visiting countries like Myanmar,” the fan added, liking the Prime Minister’s photos on Instagram.

Fans on social media, especially on Twitter, also claim that Nehru could be India’s first PM but he was certainly not India’s first onsite PM.

“Modi has a modern and more relevant legacy,” a fan told Faking News.

Meanwhile senior BJP leader LK Advani is reported to be wondering if he has a chance of becoming a “resident PM”, now that Modi is officially India’s onsite PM.