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With only 63 MLAs, Shiv Sena looking for allies to fill up large number of ministries demanded by it from BJP

27, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. If sources from Shiv Sena are to be believed, number of ministries demanded by senior leaders of the party from BJP, in lieu of their support, have now exceeded the number of MLAs they have won in just concluded assembly elections.

In order to make up for the blunder, Shiv Sena is now looking for allies that can help party accommodate such ministries once BJP agrees to their demands.

Father son duo begging other MLAs to join Shiv Sena.
Father son duo begging other MLAs to join Shiv Sena.

“In our ego and over excitement we have by now demanded so many ministries, that god forbid if BJP bows down to our demands, we won’t have sufficient number of MLAs to fill up those ministries and it will be a huge embarrassment to the party and Marathi pride and people in particular,” one Shiv Sena MLA confirmed the development to Faking News on conditions of anonymity.

Party chief and still CM hopeful Uddhav Thackeray too conceded the error in judgment made by him and other senior leaders.

“In hindsight, I feel we may have gone overboard and forgotten our own strength before making such huge demands. But I am glad we stopped before exceeding the number of ministries an Indian state has,” said a tensed and at the same time relieved Uddhav.

He however lashed out at our reporter when he told him that instead of looking for more MLAs from allies, he could instead take back the demands and end the matter there.

Yeda ho gela aahe kya? We have an ego to keep. We can’t go back on our words and demands now, so naturally we will have to look for other means and ways to make sure those ministries once allocated to us can be adjusted,” reasoned Uddhav.

Atta maajhi satakali!,” he roared when the reporter asked if ego was so important.

Meanwhile MNS chief Raj Thackeray is now planning to demand the constituency, where his party won their lone seat in Maharasthra be declared a separate state, where he could be CM.