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With so many outsiders in Varanasi, Raj Thackeray comes out in support of locals

09, May 2014 By idiot420

Varanasi. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray has finally spotted an opportunity to go beyond Maharashtra. With huge number of outsiders rushing into Varanasi due to elections, Raj Thackeray has decided to help locals against this influx of outsiders.

“Entire Varanasi has been turned into a mess by people coming in from other districts of UP and from other states,” thundered the MNS chief, showing rare compassion for North Indians.

Crowd India
A typical day on roads of Varanasi.

“They are eating all the paans available in the city, and because of that local people are suffering from malnutrition. I met a resident of Godowlia area; he hasn’t been able to get a single paan in the last 15 days!” Raj Thackeray disclosed the grave ground reality.

“Locals are not even able to take a dip in Ganga, as Ganga is filled with outsiders. Every day, one or the other leader and their supporters are doing drama on the river bank,” Raj added further, “Now I am here, and I will not let others devoid Banarasi Manoos of their rights!”

Varanasi unit of MNS, which has been named “Banaras Navnirman Sena (BNS)”, is acting in full swing and getting a lot of support from residents of the city.

BNS says that the local people are facing trouble in commuting across the city because of the regular roadshows conducted by outsiders and due to thousands of journalists in the city from hundreds of news channels asking them random questions.

“We are going to hire a few helicopters to carry locals from their homes to offices, schools and colleges,” a volunteer of BNS declared the grand plans of the newly formed Thackeray party.

However, he quickly added that his party will not be shying away from resorting to extreme measures, for which they are well known and widely respected.

A volunteer of BNS revealed to Faking News that they were running a silent campaign against the outsiders by mixing jamalgota (a laxative) in paans being sold at paan bhandaars. “Bahut Banarasi paan khaane ka shaukh hai unko, let them eat and shit,” he quipped with an evil smirk on his face.

Few of the other tricks being used by BNS is offering outsiders lassi with overdose of bhaang. Reportedly, few days back, they put a couple of outsiders high on bhaang in a boat in Ganga, and set them off sailing, after convincing them that the boat would take them to Switzerland.

Besides these, some reports of outsiders being thrown directly into the Ganga by BNS volunteers is also there.

Meanwhile, a group of AAP supporters claimed that they were slapped by BJP supporters. But soon after the news went public, Raj Thackeray’s party rejected their claims and took the responsibility of the act.