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With support of 65 MPs, Obama to fight next general elections in India

25, Jul 2013 By idiot420

Washington, DC. After 65 Indian MPs involved him in domestic politics of India, US President Barack Obama is taking a keen interest in Indian politics and planning a more pro-active role.

“I didn’t knew so many Indian parliamentarians have such a deep faith in me, I’m touched,” said a happy Obama after receiving the letter signed by 65 MPs from India, twice over a period of few weeks.

“Since the US constitution doesn’t allow a third term as a President, and Indian constitution doesn’t bar a foreign born person from fighting elections, I am planning to commence my political career in India,” Obama told Faking News.

Barak Obama
Obama couldn’t control his laughter when he was told that he’d be counted as one of the young leaders of India when he makes his political debut.

Obama further told that he was planning to project himself as a “secular” alternative to Narendra Modi.

“Frankly I don’t know this secular-communal shit in Indian politics, I tried to read up but it’s all so mixed up,” Obama said, “But it appears that people are secular if they oppose Narendra Modi, so be it! I’ve already the support of 65 anti-Modi MPs.”

“I also have a Nobel Prize, so even Amartya Sen can’t oppose me,” he added.

Experts believe that Obama’s move could indeed create a major upset in 2014 general elections. Since Obama is amenable only to US Congress and not to Sonia Gandhi’s Congress, the current ruling party could start attacking Obama.

“Obama is reported to be keeping a small idol of Hanuman, and this information could be used by Digvijay Singh to claim that Obama was communal,” a political expert predicted.

BJP is confused as they don’t know how to react. While Obama’s presence could divide anti-Modi votes, there is a risk that Obama sweeps the elections and BJP could lose yet another election.

Sources further claim that recent visit by US VP Joe Biden was actually to find political allies for Obama. One of the electoral promises Obama could come up is to promise US visa to Indian professionals – something that could help him sweep elections in cities populated by IT professionals.

Among other strategies that Obama could adopt, is not to lose American accent even while speaking Hindi.

“Winning elections by speaking Hindi with an accent is not new to India. Someone did it before, Mr. Obama will do it again,” winked Obama’s personal adviser, who has finalized this retirement plan for the incumbent US President.