Won less seats so all MLAs can travel in single car, we are concerned about pollution: Manoj Tiwari

11, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari urged his party workers not to be “disheartened” as AAP maintained a big lead in the counting of votes on Tuesday. Tiwari also spoke to faking News and said that his workers have fulfilled Modi Ji’s dream of making Delhi Pollution-free.


The fact that BJP only won 7 seats makes it clear that all BJP MLAs can reach assembly in the same car and they won’t require too many vehicles for their travel. Manoj Tiwari also added that this strategy will help them gain more number of seats in the next assembly elections in Delhi. Manoj Tiwari has a point, as Delhi was suffering from heavy smog in the winter and even the Odd-even scheme ran out of steam.

Nothing changed much, and it is good that political parties are winning fewer seats so that their MLAs can travel in the same car. This will help even the common man realize how big problem pollution is, and it will inspire people to contribute more to this fight against pollution. The Indian government has already nominated Manoj Ji’s name for the Nobel Prize in the field of Environment protection.