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This year topper scores 0.2% more than last year topper, Govt says another proof of impact of demonetization

31, May 2017 By dasu

New Delhi: This year CBSE class 12 board exam topper Raksha Gopal has scored 99.6% which is a good 0.2% higher than what last year topper Sukriti Gupta scored. When Raksha Gopal got 498, Sukriti could manage only 497 out of 500 total marks.

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Citing this as another piece of clinching evidence, finance ministry officials have highlighted how demonetization had no impact on any matter in India, in certain cases like this one it has shown improvement in result.

“We have been saying this for long, demonetization had a lot of tangible benefits along with lot of intangible benefits like this year CBSE topper’s record breaking performance”, said one of the finance ministry official who wanted to remain anonymous while speaking to us.

When we asked the official when we will see a complete report on demonetization, because more than five months over, still RBI is not disclosing how much money got deposited in banks. Every time we ask the question to RBI governor, he says bank people are still counting and final figures will be arrived only when this is complete.

Official from Finance ministry said, “RBI is an autonomous organization. We cannot interfere in its matter. However, we have suggested Governor to give some tentative dates, it can simply say it might take somewhere between 2 months to 200 months. It’s like the way Microsoft displays while installing the patch, it will take anywhere between 2 mins to 2 hours. Advantage of putting such boundary condition is, no one can question you till 200 months”.

The official added, “My office has already compiled every benefit that has come from demonetization. Final report would have been ready this week, but then we got this news from Bihar, where more than 64% students have failed in 12th board exam. Initial reports say due to cash crunch because of demonetization, not many were able to attach currency notes to answer scripts like they did last year. It seems demonetization has still some steam left, no other option, we have to wait”.

Despite so many positives, there are skeptics who are saying because of demonetization they had less cash in their pocket. RBI has asked banks, track such people through their Aadhaar, when they withdraw money from ATM or banks, give them cash only in new 1 rupee notes.