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Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan to stand outside Kejriwal's residence night & day to win back his heart

22, Apr 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan have been expelled from Aam Aadmi Party for their anti-party activities. This has cut short the political ambitions of the two rebellious leaders. While Bhushan’s father had cursed Kejriwal, the expelled duo still have hopes of regaining back their lost position.

While they were steadfast in their decision to uphold Swaraj in AAP, they cannot do so by remaining outside the party. Their dream can be made into reality only when they are into the party. And that is why, the expelled duo have planned to win back the heart of Kejriwal, without any compromise on their stand.

Ready to toil hard
Ready to toil hard

To achieve that, they have planned to implement the movie logic. Yadav explained it to us, “Whenever a hero wants to win the heart of his lover, he will stand outside her home, right across her room’s window. The longer he stays, more sooner she falls in love with him. Not only for lovers, this has also worked for father-son, mother-son, brother-sister, etc. In short, this works out for anyone who wants to win others without compromising their ambitions. We are going to do that only. “

Bhushan took over when Yadav stopped, “Not only between relatives, I have seen some South Indian movies where highly ambitious men will stand outside the doors of rich businessmen, film producers braving the scorching sun and thunderstorms, night and day. And the producer or businessman will let his servant call the hero and provide him with opportunities, with which he can go up in life. We are going to do that now. This is summer season. So, we will prove our loyalty to party by standing outside Kejriwal’s home. We will stand opposite his home’s window, across his gate. He cannot miss watching us, whenever he goes out of his home. We are not going to give up our Swaraj but we will also not give up our party. We will stand outside Arvind’s home till he takes us back into the party.”

“It will be more dramatic if it rains when we stand. He loves drama no?” quipped Yogendra.

When we asked the reason for not choosing other member’s residence, they said, “Ashutosh gave us his address once. But we could not locate such street even in Google Maps. We can stand in sun outside Somnath Bharti’s home. He will have doubts over our skin darkened by sun and will force us to urinate. We would already be dehydrated then. So, Kejriwal is our best choice. Moreover, if we win Kejriwal’s heart, we win the people’s heart.”