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Yogendra Yadav offers his internal surveys data for govt formation in Delhi to break deadlock

12, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In order to break deadlock of government formation in Delhi, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav today offered to share raw data of his internal surveys to decide which party should come to power in the city.

“Well if BJP is not keen and confident for another election at this moment, why don’t they agree to govt formation through these internal surveys. Why are they scared?” asked Yadav even before the news reached BJP HQ.

“These surveys are as honest as us”

Calling these internal surveys a true representation of people’s voice, democracy and Swaraj, Yadav pointed to the huge amount of tax payers’ money that ECI stands to save by scrapping elections in Delhi.

He further argued that with elections there was a risk of getting hung assembly again, but in these surveys AAP was already a clear winner.

“Are you trying to tell me that those aam aadmis who participated in these surveys have no say and are fools, just because they are powerless people,” Yadav shot back when asked how can only few people from around Kaushambi decide fate of Delhi.

Yadav even offered to carry out fresh internal surveys, if BJP, Congress and Lt Governor felt the data was old.

“If you feel that my old surveys are now obsolete, I will carry out one more,” added Yadav. Thereafter he excused himself for 2 minutes as he went to conduct those surveys.

Some senior leaders in AAP even went on to demand replacement of election process in entire India with internal surveys.

“It is the fastest, easiest and most honest way to elect a government and is also fully reliable now that we have proved that the ECI is biased and the Modi agent,” said Ashutosh.

“There should a constitutional change to make internal surveys replace elections in the country,” he added.

Meanwhile after initially calling these surveys bogus and fake, Congress has now taken a u-turn and is mulling supporting AAP in their endeavor of govt formation through surveys.

“We later realized that their latest survey was at least giving us 2 seats,” Arvinder Singh Lovely told Faking News.