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Yogendra Yadav requests Kejriwal to let him carry out last internal survey before being thrown out

21, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Ace psephologist and AAP rebel Yogendra Yadav today requested Kejriwal to let him carry out last internal survey for the party before he is shown the door.

It should be noted that Yogendra was expelled from party late night yesterday for anti-party activities (as claimed by AAP) but was still waiting for the expulsion order.

Taking advantage of the delay, Yadav called up Kejriwal putting forward his request.

“Bas ek survey aur karne dijiye mujhe”

“Having committed and dedicate 80% of my tenure in AAP to carrying out internal surveys, I hope party will at least value the time and energy I spent in it to honor my last wish,” Yadav told the Press from the mini Press Club he opened at his residence recently.

“I have further requested them to let me carry out these surveys on my home turf Haryana,” Yadav added.

When told that next elections of some importance in Haryana were still some years away, Yogendra shot back, “The format of the elections hardly matters at this point in my career. I am willing to carry out surveys even for Zila Parishad elections at Rewari which are due for later this year.”

Fans of Yogendra Yadav too stood outside AAP HQ, demanding one last internal survey commissioned to him.

“His last few surveys may have been off the mark but that doesn’t mean you give him such an unceremonious exit,” argued a man called Yograj Singh.

“Always remember form (survey forms) is temporary and class is permanent,” said another fan of Yadav.

Meanwhile Kejriwal fearing getting less seats in any internal survey in Haryana (due to Yadav’s expulsion), has decided to reject Yadav’s demand.

“This is clearly another attempt at anti-party activity by Yadav ji,” Kejriwal told Faking News.

“If he is so keen, we can allow him to carry out an internal survey in one of the slums in Delhi or Punjab,” he said.