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Yogendra Yadav to open a mini press club at his residence for quick Press Confrerences

30, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With growing need to address frequent Press Conferences every now and then, senior leader of AAP, Yogendra Yadav has decided to open an in house Press Club at his residence in Rewari.

Henceforth all his Press Conferences will be held at this Press Club.

“Of late, the need for having a Press Club in my house has become even more important than having a washroom. I do more PCs in a day than the number of times I go to my washroom,” Yogendra Yadav explained, confirming the development. “Now I will do PCs as and when I want.”

Yogendra Yadav's last PC outside residence.
Yogendra Yadav’s last PC outside residence.

Yogendra Yadav further argued Kejriwal had a clear advantage over him when it comes to addressing Press Conferences because of the fact that he is based out of Delhi.

“And by the time I reach Delhi or Gurgaon from here, Kejriwal camp already does 3-4 PCs and I again have to do catching up. I am already lagging behind them, and have to cover it up and maintain a healthy lead over them quickly,” revealed Yogendra.

“Me and Bhushan ji can ill afford to waste time in transit,” he added.

Over and above opening a Press Club, the psephologist turned politician has also decided to hire a Media Manager for managing these conferences.

“Not only this, it would be nicer if some of those news channels and media outlets permanently send their reporters and camera person on an onsite duty to my residence. This will help in quick dissemination of the news,” Yogendra Yadav told Faking News, assuring a separate space for them as well at his residence.

Meanwhile Kejriwal camp has decided to raise questions in their next PC over the source from where Yogendra Yadav camp is getting money to construct Press Club and hire Media managers.