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0% GST on condoms: Man decorates home with condoms instead of balloons for son’s birthday party

06, Jul 2017 By itsmihir1993

Chartered Accountants across the country are dumbfounded after a Delhi man showed the country how to reduce the GST burden on goods. Upon realising that GST is not charged on condoms, Raunak (38), brought packs of condoms in huge numbers as a replacement for balloons for his son’s birthday party.


An enthusiastic Raunak blew all the balloons himself and decorated the house for his son’s 4th birthday. Guests who had arrived to grace the occasion walked out in disgrace after realising that Raunak has “blown” things out of proportion for the party. “Just like balloons, I have got condoms of various sizes and colours. You see the big, chocolate-flavoured condom there?” he said pointing to the master ‘balloon’ suspended from the ceiling over the cake, “that’s the one I stole from my elder engineer-brother who is still a virgin. As soon as my son will prick it, the ‘balloon’ will burst and the cake will be topped with some chocolate paste for everyone to enjoy,” he said.

An excited Raunak, explaining us his tax planning, told us, “These can be used as balloons during parties and as condoms while having sex.” However, Raunak’s dream soon turned into a nightmare as kids present in the party started puncturing the condoms with needles.

Chartered Accountants who attended the party to witness the spectacle drew Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s attention to this loophole after which he announced that condoms would be taxed henceforth. A worried Raunak spoke to us after realising that he won’t be able to use condoms for his son’s next birthday party. “Since bindis are exempted from GST, I’ll stick bindis to the walls to make them colourful next year,” he said.

It was later discovered that Raunak is also a CA student, who is appearing for his CA Finals next month at age 38.