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2 students caught cheating claim they were just following PM Modi and doing 'Pariksha Pe Charcha'

16, Feb 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had wooed voters in 2014 with his Chai Pe Charcha campaign. And now he has shifted his gaze to students who are about to sit for their annual examination. As part of his Pariksha Pe Charcha, an extension of his pet charcha theme, PM Modi will interact with lakhs students from across the country and address their examination-related concerns. But two students in a Mumbai college totally misunderstood the campaign. Sanil and Shwetank who are hardcore Modi supporters cheated in a exam promoting the ‘Pariksha pe charcha’ campaign literally.


Sanil and Shwetank have been implementing each and every campaign initiated by the PM at whatever capacities possible for them. The have arranged quite a lot of ‘Chai pe charchas’ in their campus after the PM’s pet campaign in 2014. So it was a matter of pride for them to implement the ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ campaign also. During the mid-semesters exam held yesterday in college, both were found openly discussing the exam paper without any fear and demanded the same from other students too. When the invigilator stopped them from doing so, they gave the example of Modi’s commitment in reducing stress during exams. According to Sanil and Shwetank, maximum stress is created by under preparedness for an exam and discussion in a exam hall can take care of that stress.

After the story spread in other parts of Mumbai, students have started implementing it in their colleges too. Suddenly, Sanil and Shwetank have become household names and if the campaign is successful there are chances that the education bodies may make discussion in a exam hall legal. We should thank the PM for empowering the students with a stress free education system.