Now Pak media using clips of hollywood movies to show their military action against India

27, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast

After using old images of jet crash to show that Pak Air Force downed Indian fighter jets, media in Pakistan is now peddling clips of Hollywood movie to show that their army’s response to aggression.


Earlier media from across the border were seen showing clips of Behind Enemy Lines to claim that their army had caught an Indian pilot. Scenes from Tom Cruise starrer Top Gun were also neatly packaged as ‘air force preparation’ and shown on prime time debates.

Many news channels in Pakistan were seen running clips from the movie and claiming it to be footage of the actual retaliation against Indian jets.

However these claims were punctured when these clips were shared on social media and many pointed out that these scenes were clearly lifted from hollywood movies.

A senior Army Officer privy to information, while being apologetic, said that there was increasing pressure on the army to ‘deliver’ after Indian forces entered Pakistan and dropped bombs.

“We just took a chance. Most Pak people dont watch hollywood movies. So we thought no one would notice. But looks like people are more informed these days,” said the army officer.

Meanwhile, Pak PM Imran Khan has reassured his nation that the air strikes carried out by India yesterday has not done much damage and all terror camps are safe.