Pickpocket returns wallet with money intact after finding out that it belonged to an IT employee

15, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

In a classic case of change of heart, a pickpocket in Bengaluru returned the wallet he stole with money intact after finding out that it belonged to an IT employee.


Ranjit Nair was traveling to work in a crowded BMTC bus when the realization of his missing wallet struck him the moment he got down. However Ranjit was pleasantly surprised when he found his wallet at  his doorstep with the contents intact when the returned home later that evening.

The wallet also had a letter written by the thief which mentioned the reason for returning the wallet. Speaking to Faking News from his rented apartment in Bengaluru, Ranjit said, “I was quite taken aback after reading the letter. The thief said that he changed his mind after he found my employee id in the wallet. The fact that I am an IT employee somehow evoked sympathy. He even left a few hundred rupees to ‘help me get through the month’. Not sure if I should be happy or sad.”

The incident once again raised questions about IT employees being underpaid. “My salary has not changed since I joined the company 4 years back. It was the same starting package offered to my father and my grand father. While the top management is making crores, we are languishing with peanuts at the bottom,” said another employee working for a global IT behemoth.

Many have given up on their employers and are hoping that their wallets get picked up and some kindhearted thief extends his support to their ever decreasing bank balance.