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After Sara Ali Khan, image of Malaika carrying her own luggage goes viral, actress clarifies that it's not luggage but Arjun Kapoor in tow 

08, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

It was another busy day for shutter bugs after Sara Ali Khan’s ordeal yesterday was followed by similar news of Malaika Arora at Mumbai airport.

malaika arjun

A digital publication shared images of the actress dragging luggage that looked like an over-sized sack. The image quickly went viral drawing reactions from netizens who praised the actress for carrying the sack all by herself and not asking for help.

Feminists dedicated tweets after tweets exalting her and even called her an inspiration for modern single women. The euphoria however was short lived after Malaika clarified on social media that the luggage reported by media was in fact Arjun Kapoor in tow.

Malaika also castigated paparazzi for not doing their homework and calling Arjun a ‘sack’. “This is blatant body shaming and if they don’t tender an apology, I might consider legal options,” the actress said while speaking to our reporter.