After 4 years engineering student returns home with the same bathing soap which he bought on the first year

26, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bhubaneswar: Amit’s mother was not all surprised while opening the three suitcases Amit brought along with him while returning home from hostel.


“Everything was on expected lines, torn and soiled bedsheets, towels, few pair of socks when I threw them outside as they were smelling so bad. Nagarpalika worker took them thinking those are dead rats”, said Amit’s mother.

She added, “It’s not like everything was soiled, there were few fresh text books which looked like no one has ever opened them. Oh yes, I noticed the lux bathing soap that was lying in the corner of his suitcase, the same soap I gave him while packing his bags 4 years back, the MFD date proved that”.

After that she got angry and shouted at Amit who was watching something interesting on internet. He rushed in thinking her mom has found Priya’s love letter somewhere.

Char saal mein ek soap tere se khatam nahin hua. From today till you go to Bengaluru to become a techie, you will take bath twice a day. Now I understand why those dogs in our colony were chasing you when you returned today morning. It’s the smell from your body which they were not familiar with as in this lane you are the only one who is doing engineering”, Mom told Amit.

Amit was about to ‘fool’ her Mom telling how in hostel life everything is pooled starting from toothpaste, tooth brush, shaving cream to bathing soap, that’s when Amit’s father who has also done engineering and stayed in hostel entered the room.