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7 reactions to Narendra Modi asking celebs to encourage voter registration

20, Sep 2013 By idiot420

Earlier today, Narendra Modi went on to tag various celebrities on Twitter requesting them to create awareness among 18-24 year olds for voter registration with the Election Commission of India.

Faking News talked to a few people to know their response to this twitter activity by Narendra Modi:

Tweets by Narendra Modi
The series of tweets that led to a series of reactions

Banti, 19 years, #NaMo4PM fan: I thought only Facebook and Twitter accounts were sufficient enough to make NaMo the Prime Minister. Fine, will open one more account. What is the Facebook page of Election Commission?

Jonti, 39 years, eNREGA fan: FEKU FEKU FEKU FEKU FEKU!

Mallika Sherawat, 36 years according to sources, Actress: Modi ji, why you didn’t tag me in your tweet? What do Deepika, Preity, and Priyanka have which I don’t? (starts singing) dost dost na raha

SRK and Salman fans, belonging to different age groups: Both SRK and Salman bhai were tagged in Modi’s tweets. Fair and square. We will definitely register and vote. For best actor awards.

Manmohan Singh, 80 years, PMO chief: It is nice of Modi ji to tag me in the tweet. If high command thinks it’s fair, I will re-tweet it.

Digvijay Singh, 66 years, Freelance Spokesperson: Why only youth between 18 to 24 years? Why is Modi trying to divide the nation on the basis of age? Furthermore, we all know that the age of youth extends to 44 years.

Rahul Gandhi, 43 years, Youth Icon: I support this initiative of Modi uncle. It’s better than that silly “Pappu Vote Nahi Karta” campaign by Delhi election authorities.