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A non-functional parliament is not so bad either, concludes the nation after FDI debate

05, Dec 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After witnessing the parliamentary debate on FDI in retail, the citizens of India have concluded that a functioning parliament was as bad a non-functioning one, if not worse.

Most of the citizens, who were contacted by Faking News for reactions, said that they were irritated by the factually incorrect and farcical arguments offered by many MPs during the debate.

Lok Sabha
A scene from Lok Sabha during normal times

“Sushma Swaraj gave wrong information on McDonalds and Pepsi,” pointed out Gautam, a DU student, “I mean, how can you get your facts wrong on MacD or Pepsi? It’s not something like Malnutrition or Population, where we won’t care to cross check the information!”

“And then Kapil Sibal argued how Walmart failed in China so we shouldn’t fear,” he continued, “So are we officially like China? Or are we inviting Walmart to invest and run a failed business?”

Citizens said that there were a few good points raised during the debate too, but the larger point remained if such debates served any purpose.

“What’s the point of this debate?” wondered Rakesh, a sales executive working with a retail company, “I mean, fine, they have spoken, rather funnily, but what next? It’s not like parties are going to decide based on what was discussed and debated!”

“This debate is as pointless as shouting,” a cynical Rakesh added, “Just timepass!”