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A week after Diwali, man realizes that most of the gifts he got were exactly the same which he gave his friends last year

17, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

Gurgaon based businessman Ashmit Jain wore a frustrated look on his face a week after Diwali. The reason for his frustration was the gifts he received on Diwali.

The menace of recycled gifts
The menace of recycled gifts

Speaking to Faking News Ashmit said, “I was so happy that I received so many gifts this Diwali. In fact this year I got more gifts than what I received in any of the previous years.  But my happiness was short lived. The moment I unpacked the gifts, I realized that they were the same ones which I had neatly packed and gifted my friends last year.”

“What I was looking to get rid of has come back to me. How cheap can ones friends get?” he questioned while tearing away the gift wrapping paper.

“Look at this sandwich maker, hand blender and toaster. I gifted this to my friend last year and he has nicely gift wrapped them and sent them back and looks like he’s used them for a while,” said Asmit, showing traces of bread crumbs on the toaster to our reporter.

The menace of recycled gifts has reached epidemic proportion. As per an independent research agency, around 7 in 10 gifts are recycled. “The rise of e-commerce sites has fuelled this trend. So many gifts that we get can be seen listed on olx,” said an e-commerce veteran on condition of anonymity.

If sources are to be believed, government is planning to take strict action against those who recycle gifts. “No one is exempt. Not even politicians. In fact we are the worst sufferers. It’s like people getting back at us for not fulfilling poll promises,” said a senior leader from the ruling party.