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Aadhar data can't be hacked, you can only access it after bribing someone: Government assures Indians

04, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Government has once again clarified that Aadhar data is totally secure from hacking and can only be accessed by bribing an official. They had to issue this statement after newspaper reports claimed that Aadhar data can be breached within 10 minutes.

Aadhar data, now for just 500 Rs

Speaking to media persons, a senior official from ministry of Information Technology said ,”We have always maintained that Aadhar data can’t be hacked and this newspaper report further supports our claim. Even their reporters couldn’t hack the data and had to take the legal route of bribing someone to get access. This is a win for the system and shows how strong our safety measures are.”

When someone mentioned that bribing isn’t legal, the official snapped and said ,”Please don’t tell us what is legal and what is illegal in government departments. We have more experience than you of that.”

Upon being asked if there is anything about the news report that worries him at all, he said ,”Well, obviously the amount of the bribe is ridiculous. We will issue a show-cause notice to the concerned person for dropping the market rate to 500 Rs. We have some standards to maintain.”