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Aamir Khan launches Sorrow Clubs on lines of Laughter Clubs

05, Aug 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. All these weeks Aamir Khan’s chat show Satyamev Jayate had been helping the citizens of India feel bad about miseries their fellow nationals had to go through. But with the show coming to an end last Sunday, there were fears that the citizens could become happy-go-lucky again and go back to watching Karan Johar’s movies.

Aamir Khan in Satyamev Jayate
India could become selfish again with such scenes missing on television, experts claim.

To counter any such eventuality, Aamir Khan has decided to launch Sorrow Clubs, where people, especially the city dwellers, could assemble periodically and feel bad about issues and aspects of public life that they otherwise overlook.

“For people already bugged with their daily life, we had Laughter Clubs in various cities, where they assembled and laughed loudly to feel good and relaxed,” Aamir explained the rationale behind his latest initiative, “We thought to use the same logic and form Sorrow Clubs, where people could go and cry loudly to feel bad and concerned.”

When asked why he thought people can’t be happy and still do something for the betterment of the society, Aamir Khan said, “dil pe lagegi, tabhi baat banegi!”

There have been mixed reactions to Aamir’s initiative with many regular watchers of the show welcoming the step. However some of them have complained that this could be “inconvenient” to them.

“We will need to step out of our homes and join other people, right?” said Manoj, who didn’t miss a single episode of Satyamev Jayate, “Watching the show was so easy, right in your living room, and you could send SMS right after that.”