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AAP & BJP guys fight while waiting in polling queue, leave for Gujarat to verify Modi's claims

10, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. Swaraj Shukla, a staunch AAP supporter, and Deshu Singh, a BJP supporter, entered into verbal fight while standing in voting queue at a polling booth in Laxmi Nagar area of the city.

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Both Swaraj and Deshu met while waiting for their turn to vote at the poll booth. Sources say that the whole process of becoming friends and then turning into foes happened while the polling queue moved slowly.

The intense conversation about Modi’s Gujarat development model went on for around 15 minutes but they failed to convince each other. Fifteen minutes is usually a long time for a political supporter to continue in a debate, experts say.

As per onlookers they were constantly googling on their mobile phones for proofs to counter each other’s allegations.

“I didn’t get what they were talking about. They were using terms like fascist, left, right, center, aur naa jaane kya kya,” revealed a man who was present there, “I even requested them to cast their votes and go back to some other place to debate, but they were too angry and willing to settle the issue before voting.”

Later, on suggestion of an elderly person, who was also standing in the queue, they immediately left for Gujarat to verify the claims and blames, without casting their votes.

Sources tell Faking News that the unidentified elderly man was a Congress supporter.