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AAP brainstorms to find more subsidies that can be given to win popular support

02, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Since AAP won a lot of praise for announcing subsidies in water and electricity within 72 hours of forming government, they are now making sure they don’t run out of things to subsidize.

Sources tell Faking News that well wishers of the party, who were earlier well wishers of the Congress, have come up with some suggestions that will make sure that one new subsidy is announced per week till the Lok Sabha elections.

Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia
AAP leaders responding when asked where will the money come from for the subsidies

One of the suggestions being put forth by the experts is to solve the perennial problem of non-availability of parking space in the city by reducing the rate of parking at cramped and crowded places by 50%. The responsibility of finding a place to park will remain with the aam aadmi just like responsibility of ensuring water comes to his home.

And to solve the problem of Traffic jams in Delhi, experts are wondering if petrol and diesel used up while a vehicle is in neutral gear should be made free.

Another problem solution that AAP strategists are thinking of is to control pollution. For that, they have proposed to give oxygen masks at subsidized rates.

When asked if people will find any merits in such steps, a leader from AAP said, “If people could find merit in saving less than 200 rupees per month on water bill, why not?”

Now with these promises, AAP is confident that poor people of the country would view Delhi as the ultimate destination and would migrate to the city in large numbers once more such policies are put in place.

“Once we have more poor people here we can then organize sabhas and directly ask them what is that they need further for free,” the leader added.