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AAP supporters attack Polling Officer after he puts ink on Kejriwal’s finger

10, Apr 2014 By Ankit Jain

New Delhi. In an unfortunate incident, a polling officer was thrashed by suspected AAP supporters when he put ink on the index finger Arvind Kejriwal.

Sources tell that as soon as the officer put a dab of ink on AAP leader’s fingers, many young men waiting for their turn outside the polling booth barged inside and started beating up the officer.

Kejriwal avoided to flaunt his inked finger, just to keep AAP supporters under control.

“Arvind ji was trying to stop them, saying violence is bad, but when have they heeded to his requests and suggestions?” an onlooker who took photos from his mobile phone confirmed to this reporter.

AAP has rejected reports that the supporters belonged to their party and claimed that it could well be a conspiracy by the BJP to defame their supporters.

“BJP men high jacking our party move-ment to weeken it!!!” party leader Ashutosh tweeted as soon as the news broke out.

While BJP has rejected the charges, Congress leader Beni Prasad Verma issued a statement without anyone asking him.

“AAP supporters had developed a habit of losing temper after seeing ink, just as a bull loses temper after seeing red color,” Beni said.