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AAP to conduct an “independent study” to prove Shazia Ilmi right

18, Feb 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After Transparency International denied AAP leader Shazia Ilimi’s claim that it had undertaken a study claiming corruption levels going down under Kejriwal government, AAP has decided to undertake that study by its own and prove their leader right.

Shazia Ilmi
How can she be wrong? Just how?

“If Transparency International has been lax in its duties, it’s our responsibility to correct it,” Shazia Ilmi said, “Our party will carry an independent survey and prove that what I was saying was right.”

When Faking News asked that how could a survey or study conducted by AAP about its own merits be called “independent”, Shazia said that it was similar to “internal Lokpal”.

AAP’s internal and independent surveyor Yogendra Yadav too has justified this decision.

“It’s similar to various ‘fact finding committees’ that we intellectuals and activists indulge in,” Mr. Yadav explained, “We already know the facts and then we form a committee to find them.”

“Similarly, it’s a fact that corruption came down during AAP government,” he added.

Meanwhile many activists have demanded to find out who funds Transparency International and if its employees, or their relatives, worked with Reliance at any time.