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AAP to launch a media school, entrance exams question paper to test students on subjective & selective reasoning

11, May 2015 By burabandar

New Delhi. Under fire from media over allegedly ‘petty’ issues, Aam Admi Party has decided to launch a media school to train young students to take up the cause of ‘Aam Admi’ Party. The party believes the existing school of journalists are either Bhakts or Congis and therefore inadequate positive coverage has been given to AAP.

After the announcement
After the announcement

The school AAP claims will have a 100% placement record as the party is already working on a set of defamation cases against media houses who fail to recruit from the school.

While the admission will be purely be based on merit, there will be a few seats available under the ‘Dinner with Kejriwal scheme’ too.

According to Manish Sisodia, the entrance exam will have a unique focus on judging the students on their selective & subjective ability to decipher whether the news is pro or anti AAP. The questionnaire will be MCQ type with the students to select option A (pro AAP) or option B (anti AAP). There will be a negative marking for every wrong answer.

Ashutosh, a member of AAP and a former journalist has been unilaterally nominated as the Dean of the new school.

This is what he had to say, “We like building future Ashutosh & Rajdeep & Pranav Roy but no Arnab Goswami or Kanwal. The country needs AAP & media should realize this. While we will continue to take them on with defamation suits, the strategy is to plant moles in the organization. This is called ‘Rajneeti’.”

Talks are on with ex-member Shazia Illmi to join the institute as a guest faculty to teach the topic, ‘Handling Ridicules in Media’.