Monday, 30th March, 2020


AAP is using my face in their campaigns because I am handsome: Manoj Tiwari 

16, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Reacting to images and videos shared on social showing Manoj Tiwari dancing to AAP campaign song, the Delhi BJP President has hit back at his critics.

While speaking to reporters, Tiwari pointed out that AAP was shamelessly using his popularity to drive their election campaign.

While speaking to Faking News he said, “I am a bigger brand than Arvind Kejriwal. That is why he is using my images in his video. Aur mai Arvindbhai se jyada handsome bhi hu. Isliye who meri khoobsurati ka istemaal karke Delhi ki junta ko lubhana chahte hai. Shayad aisa karke who election jeet bhi jaaye, lekin mai aisa hone nahi doonga.”

Though Manoj Tiwari has not hinted at any legal action, BJP insiders say that Tiwari may give a tit-for-tar response to AAP’s videos.

The Delhi BJP President did not reveal his exact action plan on how he is planning to stop Kejriwal, but added that the results would vindicate his stand.

Not the one to be cowed down, Tiwari has now thrown a bizarre challenge to AAP. “Show me any AAP politician who is more handsome than I am. Agar dikha diya toh Rajneeti chhod doonga. Ya fir Arvindji ko kaho ki who CM pad chhod de,” he challenged.

AAP sources say that they have taken up the challenge and Tiwari better pack his bags.