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Adobe Photoshop forecasts a drop in revenue after Lok Sabha election comes to an end

25, Apr 2014 By rshas3

Bangalore. Adobe India predicted in its annual general meeting a speculated drop in the revenue, largely due to the ending of canvassing for the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

“The market really picked up in last couple of years as Photoshop has been used widely across political parties to portray what they promise to do if they win and what the other parties did when they won,” said Adobe’s country manager for Indian operations Mr Gullible.

Question on everybody’s mind.
Question on everybody’s mind.

According to the marketing manager for Photoshop India, Ms. Apply Filter, “It wasn’t easy, we faced a lot of competition from Microsoft paint as the Indian customer couldn’t distinguish between a vibrant Gujarat and Singapore, between a Congress party chairman and a buffoon, and between a broomstick and a vacuum cleaner.”

“It’s not the end of the world for us as use of social media is growing in a dramatic rate in India, and customers can believe anything what their favorite political parties share, so no matter what the results of the elections are we can hope to see Photoshopped pictures of Rahul Gandhi empowering women, Narendra Modi making gold plated roads, and Arvind Kejriwal leading a huge rally at New York,” Ms Filter said.

“In fact, we are developing extra tools on the layer panel which says ‘Indian‘, making it easier for the self-declared  graphic designer to make anything look half decent in just a single click to suit to the Indian market,” the head of R&D at Adobe disclosed how Photoshop plans to remain relevant even after the elections.