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After a camera on top of their caps, umpires to be fitted with drinks holder

11, May 2014 By Swan

Mumbai. From powerplay and timeouts to DRS, cricket and IPL in particular has undergone major changes. With a vision to make cricket more interesting for viewers and more fun for the players, the BCCI has decided to implement a few more innovative ideas.

Time to increase their productivity.

The Umpire-Cam is one of such idea that BCCI has implemented. As the umpires become less important due to the use of Hawk-Eye, hotspot and DRS, the BCCI has decided to use the umpires for doing miscellaneous things.

Now BCCI is planning to follow up an idea proposed by Royal Challengers Bangalore. As the owner of RCB, Vijay Mallya faces funds crunch after grounding of KFA and the Rs 14 Cr. spent on Yuvraj Singh, the owners are left with little or no money to pay salaries to those who carry drinks and towels to players on the ground.

Keeping such issues in mind, BCCI has decided to fit umpires with drinks-can holders. Currently BCCI has been training umpires how not to be uncomfortable while handling the cans and the Umpire-Cam, and to not worry about decision making.

Other ideas suggested from others include carrying kits for players by Mumbai Indians due to Pollards’s bat throwing habit, carrying cell phones suggested by Virender Sehwag as he often gets calls from his ‘Maa’, carrying music system by Harbhajan Singh and Darren Bravo as they like to dance on their favourite songs after taking a wicket, and last but not the least, to act as a messenger suggested by Sreesanth for betterment of gamblers.

As the IPL advances into its final stage, we are about to see a plethora of ideas impelmented for the viewers and entertainment as the game moves from being a ‘Sports’ to ‘Entertainment’.