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After being ridiculed for copying Nepal tributes from his phone, Rahul Gandhi to get SIM card implanted in his brain

05, May 2015 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi. After being ridiculed across social and traditional media for copying tributes for Nepal earthquake victims from his phone, Rahul Gandhi, the Congress heir-apparent has reportedly decided to go ahead and get a SIM card implanted in his brain. Sources within the Congress party on the condition of anonymity said that the implant was being sponsored by party funds.

Rahul in the act.
Rahul in the act.

“It is a cool new thing,” a Congress leader said, on condition of anonymity. “Rahul baba can now get Sonia madamji’s commands or suggestions wirelessly, instead of having to copy them or refer to them on his phone. It is new technology that the Congress party is bringing to India. What is Mr. Modi doing in his ‘Make in India’?”

Meanwhile, sources from within the Chinese company executing the implant said that the experimental move came with certain side effects. “After the implant, Mr. Gandhi might heat up unexpectedly at times,” an official at Chooyee Technology said, “And at times, start ringing. The Congress party has asked us to record some of his famous speeches as ringtones, in case he starts ringing.”