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After criticism on frequent foreign trips, Modi decides to send his hologram for upcoming Eurotrip

06, Apr 2015 By rocky

New Delhi. In a decision which might shut the mouth of people who were attacking Modi on his foreign touring and expenses issues, PM Modi has decided to send his 3D hologram for upcoming Europe tour. This visit is first of its own kind which might prove to be revolutionary in changing the structure of foreign relations with countries.

Modi's hologram.
Modi’s hologram.

In a press conference, MEA spokesperson said that hologram technology has many advantages over the conventional state visits organized every year. He said that hologram doesn’t need any food to survive there and would just disappear if there seems to be any disagreement in the talks. The biggest advantage is that he could change his attire as many times as he wants. He said that Modi was very disappointed over the public uproar over this issue.

There is a sense of excitement in followers of Modi who would see him in hologram after a long time. An excited follower said that he seemed to have lost his confidence in Modi after few months of his election but now he was happy to see Modi coming back to his promise of development. Further he said that the decision to send hologram might impress EU leaders and would help in getting more foreign capital in India.

Congress leaders attacked Modi arguing that it is duty of PM to visit countries after being elected as PM.

“Public always gets angry over such unimportant issues, He shouldn’t have listened to them. Even without being PM, Rahul baba visits foreign countries every year. So what’s the big deal,” a Congress leader argued.