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After judging Nach Baliye, Chetan Bhagat to choreograph dance scenes in all future movies made from his books

20, Jun 2015 By saif

Mumbai. After the much awaited Nach Baliye aired on TV, the nation was shocked to see Chetan Bhagat as one of the 3 judges on the popular dance reality show.

The show is now a hit among the Indian households and Chetan Bhagat has received a lot of reactions from Indians across the globe via twitter, where people have given him their feedback on how it feels as a dancer to be judged by a novelist.

What's the big deal?
What’s the big deal?

Happy that he is now a center of attention, Chetan Bhagat has decided that he will be choreographing all the dance moves in the upcoming movies that will be inspired from his best selling books.

He said, “This is my answer to all those who doubted that I will ever be able to do anything at all in my life. After passing out from IIM-A, I wrote novels which sold quicker than hot cakes which were later made into motion pictures and now I am judging a dance reality show. Show me an Indian more multi-talented than me.”

Meanwhile the famous choreographers of our industry Remo, Ganesh & Farah Khan are feeling threatened and fear being overshadowed by Chetan.

“It is a known fact that people take a liking to whatever mediocrity Chetan ji displays through his work. We fear a drop in the standards of choreography after he ventures into it,” said one such renowned choreographer, “To make sure we match the standards set by Chetan, we are taking dancing classes from Sunny Deol.”