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After Micromax, Hugh Jackman to be brand ambassador for Onions

31, Oct 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi. The Food Ministry has revealed that with the prices of onions refusing to come down, they have given up on the food item and decided to hire Hugh Jackman as the brand ambassador for the vegetable to make it appear worth the price.

Wolverine with Onions
Hugh Jackman’s latest avatar

While there were no comments from Jackman’s side, Union Food Minister Porf. K V Thomas confirmed the move.

“Yes we have hired Jackman aka Wolverine daa,” Thomas said to this Faking News reporter, “After Micromax hired him, everybody is taking them seriously and thinking Micromax phones are worth the price. Now with Wolverine daa endorsing onions for us, people will start appreciating the vegetable too.”

“After all, a lot of middlemen put in a lot of effort to hoard the vegetable and it needs to be appreciated,” he explained.

Wolverine daa also has a lot of claws, with which he can cut the onions easily, making him the ideal brand ambassador,” Prof. Thomas added, “People should stop worrying about the price rise and see how cool is it to buy and cut onions.”