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After Mumbai eatery protests luxury tax, new luxury taxes announced

23, Jul 2013 By idiot420

Mumbai. The Maharashtra state government has responded by announcing new luxury taxes after a small eatery in Parel protested against luxury tax on air-conditioned restaurants.

Taxes will be applicable on the following items in Mumbai with effect from midnight tonight:

Aditi Restaurant
The government realized that people had the luxury of saying such things and they were not even paying for it

1. People enjoying the luxuries of traffic i.e. living with 5 kilometers radius of their offices or having a Mumbai Local station within 1 kilometer.

2. People living in luxurious expansive homes i.e. over 50 squre feet of real estate per member of the family.

3. People enjoying the luxuries of free speech i.e. tweeting/facebooking against the government for free.

4. People having food security with luxury i.e. those having onions and tomatoes in their salad daily.

5. People enjoying the luxury of not paying any income tax i.e. those below the Income Tax bracket but lying above poverty line.

6. People enjoying luxuries of public life i.e. those who pay less than 100 rupees daily as bribe.

7. Rohit Shetty and Sajid Khan’s movies that leave a person with the luxury of not using brains while watching.

8. People walking on washed away roads, thus having the luxury of being more close to the nature.

9. People who have not remained unemployed for over 9 years in the last 9 years.

10. People who are alive (sources say that Sonia Gandhi is upset over this and this could be removed from the list by tomorrow).