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After Pakistani terrorist's father identifies him from Pakistan, Pakistan claims Pakistan is not in Pakistan

07, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

Faisalabad/Islamabad. Even after a media house spoke to the captured terrorist’s father Mohd Yakub in Faisalabad, who identified him as his son and admitted he was a Pakistani, Pakistan authorities continue to be in denial over the terrorist’s nationality.

After their initial claims that the captured terrorist was not a Pakistani, now Pak authorities claim that Pakistan was not in Pakistan and thus claims made by terrorist’s father stand null and void.

“He looks ugly and dark, just like Hindus,” argued Pak.

“We have repeatedly asked India to refrain from accusations,” Pakistan foreign office spokesperson Syed Qazi Khalilullah said, “There should be concrete evidence provided by India that Pakistan is in Pakistan, only then we may take their claims seriously.”

“Didn’t you clearly read that the man in question claimed that Lashkar was after him and even Pak army was after him, to get him killed. Why would we kill somebody from our own nation, unless he is a Hindu or a Shia. It is amply clear that this man is from RSS and an Indian, and that’s why we are after him,” Khalilullah went on to argue.

Unable to digest Pakistan’s latest claim, Faking News went on to investigate the matter and asked experts about what they make of the recent statement from Pakistan.

Experts sources tell Faking News that Pakistan’s claim is based on their widely practiced good Taliban, bad Taliban theory.

“Similarly, we have recently created a good Pakistan, bad Pakistan theory. Elements in bad Pakistan (people who could embarrass Pakistan internationally) are not considered to be a part of mainland Pakistan,” disclosed an expert who refused to reveal that his name was Rehman Malik.