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After refusing singles, Dhoni offered the role of bouncer in leading discotheque

21, Sep 2014 By geesundar

Bangalore. M.S. Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team has been offered the role of bouncer in a leading discotheque after he successfully refused singles in the recently concluded T20 game against England.

Dhoni showing door to a single
Dhoni showing door to a single.

Speaking of the development, the Human Resources head at the discotheque said, “We have been searching for a candidate at our discotheque who has the ability refuse entry to all singles and allow only couples. M.S. Dhoni with his ability to refuse singles and stay cool about it is a fantastic fit to our company culture and satisfies the role requirement perfectly.”

Post this job offer, Dhoni has displaced Sachin Tendulkar as the cricketer with maximum responsibilities in India. Dhoni now holds the positions of Indian cricket captain, wicket keeper, Vice President of India Cements, head of Rhiti sports, friend of a cricket enthusiast, and head of an anti-DRS NGO to name a few.

“Well of course it is an honour to be provided this role. In my cricketing career, I have only seen opponents push us physically, now it is a good opportunity for me to do the same to others; as a bouncer of the discotheque,” Dhoni told Faking News.

The discotheque holds balls 5 days a week and Dhoni is likely to be positioned for the last ball of the week, given his liking for the last ball.