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Ahead of Xi Jinping's visit, restaurants in Chennai asked to remove Hong Kong fried rice from the menu

10, Oct 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Xi Jingping will be on a 2 day informal visit to India tomorrow and the news has already got many eating establishments in Chennai worried. The Chinese Premier will be in the Southern city and restaurants have been asked to take any Hong Kong related items off the menu.

xi jinping

Sources say that Govt officials visited many restaurants across the city and saw that Hong Kong fried rice and noodles were removed from the menu. “From roadside Chinese food carts to fine dine restaurants, all have been served the diktat. Menu items with the words Hong Kong have been obscured. The curfew on these items would continue till Jinping is in Chennai,” revealed a member of the Hotel Association of Chennai.

Food delivery apps too refused to take orders for any food item with the word Hong Kong in it.

“Though this is an informal visit, the meeting with India holds significance as PM Modi is rallying support against Pakistan. With the current China-Hong Kong situation, we do not want to do anything to offend China.

Not taking any chance, posters of the movie King Kong were also removed from a local theater. The theater was in the path of the route that the Chinese President’s cavalcade would take.