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Ajay Devgan applies for Rs. 100 crore loan to ensure "Action Jackson" is labelled a "100 crore" grosser

13, Dec 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Mumbai. After Action Jackson could only gross 40 odd crores in the first five days of his release, Ajay Devgan was located in the offices of one of India’s leading financial institutions. It was later discovered that Mr. Devgan had reached out to the bank for a loan.

Ajay Devgan
“Please give me loan”

“Yes it is true,” Chaddha, branch manager at the bank told Faking News. “Mr. Devgan walked into our branch looking for a loan. He told us that his movie Action Jackson wasn’t making money at all despite the usual Rohit Shetty-esque bullshit of having blown enough cars, him being shirtless and there being a girl in her undergarments virtually throughout the movie. He was quite distraught and was virtually begging us to give him a 100 crore loan.”

When asked if the bank did disburse him the loan, Chadha replied, “We would have two years ago. But now this RBI is too strict jee.” After taking a sip of his tea, he continued, “Jabse yeh Raghuram Rajan aaya hai, har loan pe upar ki kamai band hai.”

Latest reports suggest that as soon as the news of “Action Jackson” turning out to be a 100 crore grosser hit the market, movie theaters are witnessing a sudden increase in footfalls.

Meanwhile, Prabhu Deva reportedly had another take on the same problem. The dancer turned director has decided to watch his own movie fifty lakh times to ensure it makes 100 crores.