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Amethi AAP claims ‘Rahul Milk’ being used in NaMo Chai

22, Feb 2014 By idiot420

Amethi. Soon after Congress’ local unit introduced ‘Rahul Milk’ to counter BJP’s chai pe charcha, Amethi AAP has claimed that ‘Rahul Milk’ was being used to make chai by BJP workers.

As per AAP, some of their volunteers who were at Modi tea stall for having subsidized free tea, saw an empty packet of ‘Rahul Milk’ in the dustbin.

However, as proof, they just have a photo of the dustbin, nothing else.

Rahul Milk
Rahul Milk [pic courtesy]

“Modi was a chaiwalla, but Rahul wasn’t a milkman; so why Congress has come up with ‘Rahul Milk’? I am telling you the reason – Congress is doing this to help BJP and get publicity along with Modi chai,” claimed visibly furious Kumar Vishwas.

“Both BJP and Congress are collaborating together to defeat AAP. But we will give befitting reply, doodh ka jawab paani se denge, rishwat hum kabhi nahi lenge,” Vishwas declared in a hurriedly written poem, further announcing AAP’s plan to distribute “Kejriwal brand water packets” in Amethi to counter Rahul and Modi.

“It is a good to drink water before tea, otherwise it causes gas,” an AAP supporter explained the logic, “It stops hot tea from causing corruption inside your stomach.”

Meanwhile, Congress has once again called AAP “team B of BJP”.

“AAP is helping BJP by supplying them Kejriwal brand water to mix it with with milk to make high quantity but low quality tea,” claimed a Congress spokesperson.

People in Amethi refused to comment on this new brand of politics.