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Amid blame game between political parties, Pakistan Taliban offers to take responsibility for Delhi power cuts

10, Jun 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. While BJP, Congress and AAP were busy blaming each other for Delhi power cuts, Pakistan Taliban (TTP) has grabbed the opportunity  and offered to take responsibility for the power outages.

“It’s just a goodwill gesture from our side. As we specialize in taking blames, so we thought why not help our troubled neighbor,” said TTP chief Maulana Fazlullah while talking to Pakistani media at a public place in Karachi.

Power Cut
Are they terrorists?

However, experts are seeing TTP’s initiative a part of their broader plan to promote the brand name around the world. “Besides international branding they are also trying to expand their business model and diversifying their portfolio,” explained a defense analyst.

Reportedly, TTP had sent their offer of help in form a letter which was carried from Pakistan to India by a pigeon so that Indian security agencies don’t thwart their plans.

Soon after getting the offer, a high level meeting took place between top leaders of BJP, Congress and AAP. Sources say, while Congress and AAP are very willing to accept the help, BJP is a bit reluctant.

“BJP is afraid that if they accept the help, it might be possible that Congress and AAP would later call it a Taliban attack on India under Modi government,” revealed a source.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed sources tell Faking News that backdoor talks are on between TTP and AAP to take responsibility for party’s election debacle.