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Amit Shah found binge watching re-runs of previous elections to keep himself entertained till next elections 

05, Jun 2018 By @jurnoleast

With next major elections happening after few months, BJP President Amit Shah was found entertaining himself by binge watching coverage of previous elections.

Our reporter met with the BJP leader while he was watching his own elections speech on LED TV and laughed out loud after hearing himself say ‘Ye Congress aur JDS ke beech kya ilu-ilu chal raha hai’.

“I am not fond of movies and bachpan se hi khelo me koi ruchi nahi thi. Aur waise bhi jo drama news channel pe election ke waqt hota hai utna toh saas-bahu serial me bhi nahi milega aapko,” he said while munching on a fistful of salted popcorn.

“When I am in the mood for some comedy I watch Rahul Gandhi’s election speeches,” he guffawed. The BJP leader revealed that he spends the weekends watching 8 hours of election content on TV.

Sources say that Mr. Shah is in talks with Netflix to stream elections coverage online and is already out with the script of the first season of the show.