Android phone detected in 50 meter radius of a Starbucks outlet, investigation agencies called in

23, Oct 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Starbucks is incomplete without Apple products. Every customer visiting Starbucks carries at least one of the Apple products be it the iPhone, iPad, or the Macbook. Never has a customer with an android phone ever visited Starbucks.


There are sensing devices installed at all Starbucks stores which detects an Android phone in a radius of 50 meters. And that device came into help today as an Android phone was detected near the Mumbai outlet of Starbucks. The device beeped loudly to make the staff aware of the situation and soon police were called in to assist.

As the person with the phone was not yet recognized, Investigative agencies were called in to help the police. BMC and Maharashtra government have promised full supporting investigations as CCTV footages are being combed to find out the culprit.

Meanwhile, Starbucks has issued a statement saying that all the other stores are safe and there is nothing to panic about for the other customers. Starbucks will soon conduct a security audit to become more stringent when it comes to Android phones entering its vicinity. Starbucks shares were down a bit today after this unfortunate incident but customers still trust it for the service it provides.