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Another typo, stadium scoreboard shows 100 instead of 10 against Sachin's name

07, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Kolkata. After misspelling Sachin’s name and adding ‘Mr’ before his wife’s name, Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) has done it again.

Sachin Tendulkar
Tendulkar after seeing the number on the scorecard

This time, Eden Gardens’ scoreboard flashed a score of 100 runs against Sachin’s name when he was returning to pavilion after getting out by a dubious LBW decision at the score of 10.

Entire stadium, including the West Indies players and Sachin Tendulkar, were left bewildered after they saw the scorecard.

Some of the WI players, who were already frustrated with the lack of attention they were getting, were seen banging their head against the ground.

Rumor is doing the rounds that it was another deliberate attempt by CAB officials to make Sachin’s penultimate match a memorable one.

But giving a rest to wild speculations, CAB officials cleared the air and apologized for the typo, again. However, this time, they had an explanation for the typo.

“When Sachin was declared out on score of 10, our employees saw the sadness on Sachin’s face and on the faces of other people in the crowd. One of them couldn’t stop himself, and he changed the scoreboard to give people a momentary joy,” said senior CAB official Souvik Sen.

“Had umpire given the right decision, he would have scored a century for sure,” Sen told Faking News.

With this, CAB hopes that their earlier typos will be forgotten and forgiven.