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Answer to 3+3 according to various political ideologies

08, Jun 2014 By Ravi Kiran

Question: 3+3 = ?  (100 Marks)

Liberal Classroom: Since we need to accommodate everyone and be inclusive, we award full marks to anyone who answers between 3 to 9. Also to those who threaten to bomb the classroom; also who may show signs of committing suicide; in short, everyone in the class gets 100 marks. Liberal evaluation. Inclusive growth.

What’s your answer?

Socialist/Communist Classroom:  We don’t deny that the answer is 6, but no one gets full marks for answering it. We evaluate papers and take the class average. We award class average mark for everyone. This is how we establish equality.

Democratic Classroom:  Whatever the majority answered is the answer. Only that answer gets full marks, rest gets zero.

Dictatorship Classroom: Answer =  Dictator’s lucky number. Only those who answered it get full marks, rest gets executed.

Crony Classroom: We don’t care about the answer, as long as you are a friend/relative of the paper evaluator you will get full marks.

Nationalist Classroom: Chinese classroom calculated the answer to be 6, we must be one above them. So the answer is 7. Anyone who answered less than that is anti-nationalist. Sedition charges to be slapped against them.

FreeMarket Classroom: Since we are freemarket fundamentalists, there is no leeway. Only those who answer it 6 get full marks, rest gets zero.